The Tree Trail

Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th 11:00 a.m.
Walk The Tree Trail and experience some of the Notable Trees of Kilbroney Meadow.
Trees are among the oldest and largest living things on Earth evolving for 350 million years.
They provide the wood for our homes and furniture, paper for our books and news print, fruit spice
and medicine. Shelter from the wind shade from the sun and fuel for our fires . They mark the
Seasons inspire us with their beauty in the landscape and even help provide the air that we breathe.
We are in the debt of the people who with great foresight & generosity planted these wonderful
trees, knowing they would never see them mature. They planted for us, to enjoy & protect and it’s
our duty to plant more for the generations to come.

  • Meet at Small Car Park in the Meadow.
  • Cost: £2.00
  • Numbers limited to 25