The Daily Build Up – Monday 25th – Luka Bloom

Kevin Barry Moore was born on 23 May 1955 to Nancy Power and Andy Moore of Newbridge in County Kildare, Ireland. He is the youngest member of the family and has three sisters and two brothers.

Barry was educated by the Patrician Brothers in Primary School and by the Dominican Fathers in Newbridge College. He formed a group with his brother Andy and best friend Pat Kilbride – Aes Triplex – while in Newbridge College. He went to College in Limerick where he studied Russian and European Studies. He dropped out after a couple of years in order to concentrate on his music.

Music was an intrinsic part of his life growing up. All of the family sing and play, but Barry had his own way and style of making music. From a very early age he was writing songs and honing his skills as a serious guitar player. He first went on tour as the support act to his eldest brother, Christy Moore, in 1969. This was a tour of English folk clubs. He was all of fourteen years of age. From then on Barry spent all of his time writing songs and playing guitar.

In 1977 he toured Germany and England as part of the group Inchiquin, the other members being Noel Hill and Tony Linnane. Micho Russell was also part of this tour and Barry became close to Micho and still calls him a hero. His song ‘Hands of a Farmer’ is dedicated to Micho. In 1978 he released his first album ‘Treaty Stone’ which include classic Barry songs.

Barry was a finger picking folkie, until the middle of 1979, when tendonitis did serious damage to his picking hand. This caused him to learn to play with a plectrum and change his style of playing.

Finally in 1987 he made the decision to head to America and check it out! Before he left the shamrock shore he made a serious decision. New country, new people, new everything – why not a new name? Luka Bloom became a possibility – Luka from the Suzanne Vega song ‘My name is Luka’ and the Bloom from James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Luka Bloom has been consistently recording 5 star albums since then and with this large back collection we welcome him back to Rostrevor and wondering what musical treats he has to offer this time. His latest offering FRÚGALISTO is typical Luka Bloom A poet and rocker who embraces folk, traditional, but also contemporary genres.

‘It was December 2012. I made the move to the people’s Republic of North Clare in the West of Ireland. Wind and rain howling all around me, it felt apocalyptic and wild, and I loved it. A visitor to Clare since 1973, I never really felt the Winter wind before. In three short years I have come to love this time of warm fires and slow tunes. There is no hurry, because it is down time. Even the Wild Atlantic Way cannot entice big numbers to come. And so we go quiet. We play with and for, each other. This inspired The January Blues. The song FRÚGALISTO I owe to Fergal Smith and all the good people of Moy Hill Community Garden. They are all half my age and they are teaching me about life, as we face into a challenging future for our children and grandchildren. I could talk about all the songs, the North Clare baby boom that inspired Jiggy Jig Jig; the dream of being a surfer in middle age in Give It a Go…But it is best to just hear the songs, and see what they mean for you. The last song is Wave up to the Shore. I wrote it in 1971, when I was 16. Pat Colgan was my English teacher then. Pat, and his wife Margaret encouraged me to write songs. I thank them both from the bottom of my heart. It took many false starts, and 44 years to finally record this song. My nephew Gavin sings it with me. Lettercollum House in Timoleague, County Cork gave me the best recording experience of my life I believe. And with the musicians and singers who ventured to West Cork, we took our time, and stepped up to the songs. Some days, Billy the Alsatian sat at my feet when I sang. I just knew everything was fine in this world. And it is.

Thank you everyone.


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Luka Bloom